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recommendation bots.
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Intellogo chat bots

Delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time.

alertsy-squareMakers of news monitoring bot,
Alertsy, for Slack


Through interactive conversation with our purpose-built recommendation bots, drive deeper meaning using cognitive analytics and big data

1. Engaging enterprise targeted intel, alerts, and analytics
2. Improved customer retail experience with personalized recommendations
3. Backlist analysis and merchandizing tools for publishers
4. Editing and analysis tools for manuscript review for authors and content editors

Bots will revolutionize the way we search

Read Chatbots Magazine's article on how Intellogo's Bots will change the way we search and find information.

New editing ammunition with Author Tools

Read how Intellogo's Author Tools gave award-winning writer Patti Larsen the added editing edge with the launch of her new book, Eve.  

Akin to an objective peek down a creative rabbit hole, an addictive, Author Tools is a powerful tool with layers and depths of understanding that shocked me with the simplicity and yet enormously complex ideology that changed how I think about the way I write at a fundamental level.  - Patti Larsen

Enterprise Bots

"Search company-wide chats and find people supportive of my idea."

Meet Alertsy: your very own learning proactive bot. Leverage your existing Slack workflow and let us do the heavy lifting on employee sentiment, enterprise search, and personalized content recommendations.

Bots for Booksellers

Say Hello to your recommendation Bot

Increase your sales and enhance customer retention through dramatically better content recommendations.


Discover the gold in your backlist. Instantly.

Intellogo will comb through your entire backlist to deliver detailed content analyses that will inspire you to create exciting merchandising opportunities.


Power up your editing capabilities. Effortlessly.

Take control of your editing process with Intellogo's Author Tools' supercharged insight into literary structure and elements within your manuscripts.